Sunday, August 17, 2014

4 Haiku - Solitude


Four Haiku

in calm solitude
sitting alone self assured-
a love from within 

there is solitude 
when with the nature and life 
we have become one. 

gaze out the window
like a cat in solitude-
pondering deep thoughts

lone introspection
finding you are all you are-
the best place to be

**I love this theme. I could probably write a book of Haiku on this (maybe I will). Solitude is a great place to be. A time for thinking without interference. The ability to enjoy being alone is a great thing. Not all the time of course. I think it takes time and age to get to that place in ones life. Loneliness is searching outside for what you have inside already. When that place is reached being with others can be even better. Time with others is shared and enjoyed.... not needed for lack of loneliness. It is my belief and thoughts. I definitely enjoy me time alone to think... write Haiku. Even if it is late at night when everyone is sleeping. It keeps you centered.**    

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  1. Beautiful quartet of haiku Jamie, very nicely composed.

  2. I'm an "introspector" myself, so I know what you mean!


  3. Thank You. I enjoyed this one. : )