Thursday, July 31, 2014

Haiku - Full Circle

Haiku - Full Circle

Spring cherry blossoms
delicate among the leaves-
petals in the breeze

Summer solstice rose
held in my hand on the beach-
sunset full with love

whispers departure
under the Autumn full moon-
mushrooms on the path

crystal icicles
endure the Winter blizzard-
then new years fireworks


12 words - one in each line.

1. cherry 
2. leaves
3. breeze
4. solstice
5. beach
6. love
7. departure
8. moon
9. mushrooms
10. icicles
11. blizzard
12. fireworks

Inspired by:

Carpe Diem (goes) Full Circle #1, Introduction to a new feature.


  1. Wow Jamie what a joy to see how you have taken this challenge to write haiku Full Circle ... I thought it would be a very difficult way of writing haiku, but I can only just say ... this is great ... you did great an awesome Full Circle haiku.

  2. These are great -- but I especially like the final haiku! :)