Monday, July 28, 2014

Haiku - Opium

Autumn spice incense
intoxicating fragrance-
perfume that i love

I didn't want to sound like a perfume sale advertisement. But I do love this perfume... I have not wore it for a while. I wear Joop! for women now. Opium is a heavy,musky,spice scent; if you have never smelled it. I really enjoy spice fragrances cinnamon and cloves in tea and incense as well. 
I am against drugs and didn't feel for a sad haiku. This is what came to mind for the subject. Besides I am a woman and like fashion. I am honest. : )

Inspired by:

Haiku Shuukan #15, Opium


  1. The musky, spicy perfumes are the best - much better than the high-pitched flowery ones. :)

  2. Opium is really a wonderful perfume, my wife uses it often ...